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Replacement Windows 

When upgrading to insulated glass, like these replacement windows, see Royal Glass in White Hall serving Fairmont and Clarksburg WV, residents.
Get replacement windows with insulated glass from Royal Glass, the WV, glass specialists located in White Hall and Clarkburg WV.

Serving the Clarksburg and Fairmont Areas

If you need replacement windows, Royal Glass, serving White Hall, Fairmont and Clarksburg WV, has you covered. No matter what kind of window you have - single hung, double hung, casement, sliders, architectural shapes or patios - Royal Glass has replacement windows you need. Sometimes it's not glass that you need fixed though. Sometimes it’s new screens or screen doors. That's why Royal Glass handles screen repair too.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass, or "double-pane”, is popular for homes. Insulated glass features two (or more) panes and is filled with air or gas between the panes. The purpose is to control the energy transfer from outside to inside and vice versa. For example, in the winter, it keeps the cold air outside while allowing energy from the sun to heat your home without escaping. Likewise, in the summer, insulated glass keeps the cold air inside from your air-conditioning. Many times if you're looking to save money though energy-efficient means investing in new windows with glass is a great choice.

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